Why Nvidia is at the heart of new technological revolutions?


Jen-Hsun Huang Nvidia’s CEO and co-founder. head of the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 (the company’s stock rise 230%), packed a lot of news into the three-part presentation At CES 2017.

The Shield TV

The new Shield TV looks great given a 4K HDR, with Google Assistant features that could help it reach its goal of becoming the only living room entertainment and smart home device you ever need. Google’s voice assistant will be added to the Shield in the coming months, bringing a slew of features like voice commands for smart home control and media searches. The hands-free mic in the new Shield’s gamepad will let users access Google Assistant without touching anything.


GeForce Now

Nvidia’s GPUs make it possible to create the neural nets and server systems that back machine learning, image recognition giving the possibility to some tech company like Google, Facebook, Apple to deploy their services. Nvidia’s streaming service, which also takes advantage of its progress in GPU tech to provide better-than-console quality game streaming remotely to devices like underpowered PCs and Macs, Nvidia is charging by the hour and $25 will give you 20 hours of gameplay on a PC with one of Nvidia’s high end 1080 video cards.



NVIDIA will also release a super computer for future autonomous vehicles. The XAVIER model has an 8-core Custom ARM64 CPU, XAVIER performs 30 trillion operations in just 30 watts. The supercomputer preceded NVIDIA’s AI co-pilot, which aims to control the entirety of a car, inside and out.

This new Auto Pilot will function by also monitoring the driver’s movements with a set of internal cameras, head-tracking, eye-tracking, and lip-reading abilities.

Jen-Hsun Huang also announced many partnerships with Audi, Mercedes, Bosch in the autonomous-car field.


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