Stephen Hawking: The middle class will be devastated by technology

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and one of the most receptive intellectuals of the last 50 years gives us an alarming vision of the impact of technology on the middle class.

Since the election, regarding what type of job it is played in making people mad enough to vote for Donald Trump, there appears to be a little acknowledgment on the section of the technology sector.

Somehow, technology CEOs are way too convinced they are making the world a better spot to find that, for many, they haven’t.

It is bracing, subsequently, to see one of the leading scientists of our age doing their dirty work in their opinion.

Stephen Hawking sees the election of Trump as well as the Brexit vote as a rejection of elites.

The anti-Hawking faction is, really, not weak in some specific regions of Ohio and northern England.

The risk he sees is that the elites blow off the people that voted as well as the results. Many individuals are changing he says.

Robots are better salespeople than people. Supposedly, but what occurs when there are even fewer occupations that are individual left? Greater inequality. This is an improvement that, to Stephen Hawking, it’s “socially harmful.” More so, he says, as the web enables poorer individuals to get much greater knowledge of the lifestyles of the affluent and dunderheaded, which creates animosity.

The difficulty, obviously, lies in finding a way to solve the insanity that we are creating. Hawking views individuals working collectively as the sole alternative.

But as we become selfie-centered, egotistical beings, how much do we actually care about all that, so long as our stock options vest?

But we are all becoming more isolationist. America first. Britain first. The remainder?

Only when it is too late: doing something about issues — on the other hand, people do have one great ability.

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