President Obama suggest that US may lanch cyber-attacks against Russia



President Obama has suggested that The united states are approximate to start cyber-attacks against Russia.

The nation is currently going to “do stuff” for the region in retaliation for what he said was Vladimir Putin’s state’s disturbance within the election.

President Obama stated that the Whitehouse expects to deliver a transparent communication to Russia that intrusions into PCS its elections wouldn’t be accepted. But he didn’t bounce what that reaction could be.

President Obama said simply that The united states must “send a clear message to Russia, or others, not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you.” It Really Is that way at least element of that response will stay secret, he said, claiming that  “some of it, we will do in a way that they will know, but not everybody will”.

That was clearly a reference to hacking features and the united states own cyber guns, that have been expanded over modern times. However, it could also consult with different efforts, including spying and traditional intelligence function or supports on President Putin’s associates.

The remarks were made by President Obama at his last interview as US President, and perhaps his last media meeting of the entire year. Inside it, he resolved a range of troubles but focused on intelligence studies claiming that the Russians had released harmful and experienced hacking attempts around the US election – which Hillary Clinton has believed helped gain M Donald trump the Presidency.


President Obama said Russian hacking during the election was not “some elaborate, complicated espionage scheme.” He is concerned by of what transpired, the unsophisticated character and “it should concern all of us,” he explained.

Through the same meeting, he said he and President Putin had spoken and instructed him to “cut it out”.

President Obama said with the election’s “hyperpartisan environment”, his principal interest was the election process’ reliability. He said he wished to ensure The united states. public understood that the Whitehouse was attempting to ” play with this point directly.


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