BMW i Inside Future,Toyota Concept-i : Rise of emotional driving (CES 2017)


As every year the CES  2017 in Las Vegas is a serious indicator of technological trends in the automobile industry, this year two cars have emerged: the BMW I Inside Future and the Toyota Concept-i.

BMW I Inside Future

BMW’s Inside Future imagines the lives of passengers in the near future, with the generalization of the self-driving and the integration of new technologies in the passenger compartment, it is time to rethink the good being when we don’t need to drive.

The car contains four comfortable-looking seats, the Inside Future’s seats use a slim design. The light colors and slim seats lend to the cabin’s airy and open look. seat passengers get tablet-style touchscreens mounted on armrests, while a long LCD stretches across the dashboard.

BMW imagines that its future self-driving cars will offer both automated and manual modes, called Ease and Boost in BMW parlance.

HoloActive control technology will be the showpiece of the BMW Inside Future, with the HoloActive BMW projects a 3D image of its settings within the system.

already obtainable in the BMW 7 series, Gesture control technology, allows infotainment capabilities without pressing real switches or switchgear.


Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i has been designed to incorporate artificial intelligence that is able to learn about the driver and a relationship with him,

Yui The AI inside the vehicle, communicates with those in the vehicle in a variety of different manners.making the driver in the center of his Innovation.

Also, the driver would be able to choose whether they wanted to drive in an autonomous or manual mode. Yui will be here to increase automated driving to support the driver or help navigate dangerous driving conditions





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