Apple iphone 8 is featuring curved and OLED display



To celebrate the10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple’s 2017 iPhone 8 has already moved on to the radical iPhone redesign featuring a curved on all sides and a plastic OLED panel.

According to « The Korea Herald » Apple ordered panels with a plastic substrate instead of glass, allowing for extra flexibility. The publication says the next-generation iPhone will not be foldable, but Apple may be looking to set it apart from the crowd with a minimal amount of bezel on all sides of the phone, as per the trend the edges will be curved toward the back for a waterfall look, The Korea Herald, meanwhile, notes that Samsung Display could only supply roughly 70 million to 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple, which would amount to less than half the annual iPhone sales. Apple typically sells roughly 200 million iPhones units per year, so the company might get the rest of the OLED panels from LG Display, so Apple is also rumored to be working with LG Display to get foldable OLED panels for smartphones, LG Display would start mass production in 2018.

More Apple is working on new ‘sensing technology’ which would detect contact on the sides of the display not just the front, but how that avoids becoming a usability nightmare only time will tell.

All of which leaves us with more questions than answer. But if the iPhone 8 is going to be as expensive as predicted, then Apple will want to keep the word ‘plastic’ as far away from public knowledge as possible

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